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A Lament for Cain

There is no explanation that can make sense of a tragedy like today’s.  But what does rise out of the ashes is an acute awareness of our common humanity.  It’s not difficult to imagine the pain and suffering of the victims’ families, yet they are strangers.  Still, as we look within, we become aware of a strangeness - the pain and violation we feel is not simple empathy, born out of the imagining of how it would feel if one of these victims were our own child or brother or sister.  But strangely these are wounds and violence done to our OWN souls, revealing a deeper, more personal connection with these tragedies. 

In these moments we become keenly aware of a kinship and a brotherhood that binds us all - like many threads that compose a single united cord.  In the face of these horrors, the specter of race, religion, cultures, politics and every other thing we use to divide ourselves, evaporate - even if for just the slightest moment - to reveal the truth: that we are one.  Today, one of our own has denied this truth and turned against his own - and that is the essence of his evil.  Father, our brother Cain has lost his way! 

May we feel this sting and understand it.  Interpret it.  And may this burning in our hearts, remind us of the only sense of meaning that can come out of a senseless moment like this - that The Lord has created us to be one family.  

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